UK Indie Game Developers

The place where it all began

By Spike Foster

Solar Flare took its first steps in 2020 when I teamed up with Max, Vlad and our previous programmer Sam. At this time, we were starting our third year of university and came together to produce our dissertation project titled Shikari 100. Development went very well, and we had a great time working together. When we were nearing the end of university, we wanted to continue creating games together, and hopefully one day as our full-time jobs. To help us achieve our goals we brought in Del and Michael and started our application to be a part of Tranzfuser 2021. Time passed and before we knew it, we were finishing university. As we were finishing up and handing in our final assignments, we got the news that we had been accepted onto Tranzfuser!

Not wanting to work remotely, we set up a studio in the apartment Max and Del and I were renting and began production on Shikari X. This game is an evolution of Shikari 100 taking the core ideas and expanding them into a much more rounded and developed product. To survive and fund the studio early on many of us got part time jobs, Del and I worked at Pick and Cheese in Central London and even though the job was great and so were the people working two jobs was exhausting, but it was worth it to keep the lights on and doing what we loved. 

Sadly, early on in the Tranzfuser program we had to say goodbye to Sam who had to leave the project but, in his stead, we welcomed Jake, creating the group you see today. It was with this team that we won Tranzfuser, giving us the opportunity to advance our goals to make Solar Flare our full-time jobs. However, we still aren’t there yet. We are working full throttle, attending events, pushing ourselves, and generating hype for our products, trying to get noticed in this busy industry. Hopefully, one day soon, we will have some very exciting things to come.

So, to close out I’d like to raise a glass and thank all those who helped us get to where we are today, and toast to the future of Solar Flare and all the adventures heading our way.