Max Elmore

Stuido lead and Designer

What is your role at Solar Flare London?

As the studio lead at Solar Flare, my role is to handle the business side of company and make sure everyone is on track and enjoying themselves. I handle production and running the development cycle, from setting up and maintaining the Trello Board to assisting my team mates. Whether its importing new assets into Unity, modelling a greybox or even making a new trailer for our social media, I try to help where I can. Aside from production, design is huge passion of mine, whereby I range from high level concepts to the focused intricacies of level design. Understanding the project as a whole and knowing it’s ins and outs, goes hand in hand with running the most effective schedule I can.

Favourite Game?

Super Mario Galaxy. No one does platforming like Mario, and for me, Galaxy can’t be beat. It’s that childhood game that’s nostalgic and still holds up to this day.

Favourite Film?

Ghostbusters (1984). An all-time classic.

Favourite Band or Artist?

The Prodigy. The band that got me into music and are one of few electronic groups discussed within the Rock/Metal/Punk circle.

Favourite Food?

Bacon Cheeseburger.

What are your hobbies and interests?


Pro Wrestling

Food Challenges

Fun Fact?

I once had to carry a bathtub across Central London!


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