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Spike Foster


What Is Your Role At Solar Flare London?

At Solar Flare I primarily focus on the audio in games, creating the sound effects and producing all the soundtracks. When I’m not working on audio I help out with the general design of our games creating elements that will be seen rather than heard. Alongside these tasks I also run the social media accounts planning and posting our progress and giving our studio a face.

Favourite Game?

My favourite game of all time is the first Bioshock, it is the game that got me into gaming and playing through it for the first time felt like a religious experience.

Favourite Film?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, an all round great film which I will never tire of watching. I love the art style and the comic book feel.

Favourite Artist Or Band?

Twenty One Pilots or One Ok Rock. This is a hard choice, but I would say these two are the two I will always come back to, in a way they feel like home.

Favourite Food?


What Are Your Hobbies Or Interests



Attending Concerts.

Fun Fact

I swam with sharks in Australia.


The Team

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Spike Foster


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