Vlad Tipu

Artist and animator

What Is Your Role At Solar Flare London?

I’m the 3D prop and environment artist. I am involved in modelling and texturing the level areas. The workflow involves modelling and UV mapping in Maya, texturing in Substance Painter and then assembling and exporting packages from Unity. For particular models I did rigging, skin painting and animations.

Favourite Game?

Need For Speed Underground 2, great open world, events and soundtrack, started my interest with cars and car tuning in general.

Favourite Film?

Who am I?, the ‘98 Jackie Chan movie, excellent fight scenes and bloopers

Favourite Artist Or Band?

Metallica, the band that got me into metal and the one that made one of my favourite songs and albums.

Favourite Food?

Sarmale, traditional Romanian dish, best described as minced meat and veggies wrapped in either pickled cabbage or grapevine leaves.

What Are Your Hobbies Or Interests

Table Tennis

Electric guitar


Fun Fact

I used to do cardistry and I collect playing card decks.



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Vlad Tipu